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What are You Teaching

Kindergarten: Doodle Town


    Doodle Town! is Macmillan Publishers' latest published textbook for 3 to 6 years old preschool children. It covers the key areas of education for early childhood development, such as cognition, creativity, body, social feeling,language, literacy, mathematics, etc., of which is an early childhood comprehensive teaching material.

    Our teachers will improve children’s language skills and teach them to explore the world through varies of activities, for instance, painting, music,sports, dialogue, stories, values, and creative thinking. Our teaching also includes a large number of English classes in art and design, which ensures the learners to improve their memory, observation, imagination. It accumulates children’s life experience to certain extent.

    In our syllabus, we put in a large number of content in values learning, in order to build up children’s curiosity, happiness, independence and selfconfidence.With values at the heart, Doodle Town provides the tools for youto create an environment where children become inquisitive, happy,independent and confident learners.

Primary School: LongMan


    Longman Welcome to English Gold uses a rich variety of text types and cross_curricular topics to help pupils learn and master the use of English in a systematic way, and to expand their interests and knowledge. Pupils also have ample oppotunity to develop different generic skills, and their critical thinking ability and creativity. The course is also carefully written to nurture positive values and attitudes in pupils in the context of stimulating and fun-filled learning activities.


The actual teaching materials are subject to the requirements of schools.