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Why do I join this program? What is the meaning of doing so?

You can legally work and safely travel to another county with the assistance of a professional organisation.
You can broaden your horizon to an internationalised level and earn precious overseas work experience.
You can help Chinese learners to open a new door of English learning and embrace different cultures.

What are the requirements to apply for the program?

You shall hold a bachelor degree or above.
You shall hold a TEFL certificate.
You must have no criminal records.
You shall be willing to learn.
You shall be passionate to teach.
You shall be adaptable.

Following majors will be primarily considered

Degree in Education/English Literature as a major.
Degree in Art as a major.
Degree in Music as a major.
Degree in Drama as a major.
Degree in Physical Education as a major.

How can I apply for this program?

Submit your CV and self introduction video to IECʼs contact Email address, we will arrange an interview.

When can I have an interview after I submit application?

Responses will be given within 3 working days.

Will school interview me?

It depends, some school would request an interview with teachers (our candidates), others will authorise IEC to do the interview.

After this program, what kind of options can I have?

You can stay with IEC with the same school or another schools, or
You can find other schools in the whole China by yourself, or
You can go back to your own country or other countries.

Will IEC provide training?

Yes, considering most of our candidates do not have Chinese education background and teaching experience, we will provide systematic training including pre-departure online training; pre-job training after arrive in China and on-going training and support during the program term.

How many hours do I need to work on weekdays?

No more than 8 hours per day.

Do we only teach English in classes?

You will teach young learners all subjects in English.

Who will pay for the flight ticket?

IEC provides one-way flight ticket from your country of residence to China, a return ticket can be purchased by yourself with the completion bonus of RMB 4,000.

How much do we need to prepare for living expenses in China each month?

Basically no need, IEC provides work visa, accommodation, meals, insurance, first daily necessaries upon arrival, teaching support, monthly activities, and salary.

How will meals and accommodations be arranged?

School will provide work meals on working day. IEC will provide clean, equipped, safe accommodation for all the teachers. You will share the apartment (living room, bathroom, kitchen and balcony) with 1-2 teachers, and you will have your own bedroom.

What kind of monthly activities will we have?

Activities that immerse Chinese traditional and modern culture, different kind of local food discovery and local life experience.

How to deal with culture shock?

You should talk to your mentor and express your feelings. You should try to learning the history and culture of this country. You might try to make Chinese friends.

Is China a safe place to live?

Yes, China now is one of the safest place to live with, the crime rate very low in societies.

When will I go to China?

As soon as you get Z-visa from China Embassy/Consulate in your country, you would be expected to travel within a week or two.

Can I go back to my home country during the program?

Yes, once your application to leave during the Program Term gets approval by School and IEC, you would be free to leave, but there would be a cost which would be on your own expenses.

When should I prepare for the work visa?

Once you sign the Program Agreement with IEC.

How long does it take to apply for the work visa?

2-3 month for documents collection, 7 working days to apply for work visa in Chinese embassy/consulate in the country of your residence.

Does IEC provide a certificate for program completion?

Yes, IEC will provide all teachers a certificate to reward your excellent performance and a recommendation letter for your next career to demonstrate your performance during the Program Term.