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Teaching Concept


English Teaching Concept for Learners Aged 3-6

IEC combines English teaching with the cultivation requirement of five fields (Language, Art, Math, Science and Physical Education) that must be covered in national preschool education, through the CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) Teaching Method, integrating teaching content with language to complete the English teaching of 3-6 years old children. CLIL Teaching Method emphasises English as a language and a tool to communicate, learners could use CLIL to achieve the following goals:

Cultivate student’s learning and understanding of different culture and knowledge.

Cultivate student’s communication skill among different culture Improve student’s language and oral skills.

Cultivate student’s interest and attitude towards multilingualism.

Provide more learning opportunities for students from different perspectives.

Provide  more opportunities for students to exposure to target language.

No need for school to arrange extra language teaching lessons.

Provide a variety of learning methods and forms of practice for students.

English Teaching Concept for Learners Aged 7-12

IEC combines with notional educational requirements for primary school, carry out bilingual teaching of Music, Art and English subjects by using English as teaching language in collaborated schools.

The purpose of bilingual education is

To help learners to acquire subject knowledge Cultivate and develop student’s ability to use foreign language.

To cultivate and develop learners’ ability to use the language

In the process of bilingual education in China, mostly Mandarin and English would be used as the teaching language in a planned and systematic way, so that learners can develop their comprehensive knowledge of a subject. In bilingual environment, English use as a teaching language and tool, not just as a subject.